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Thirteen Things you may not know about me:

1. I believe your thoughts create your reality

2. I think babies are the cutest things in the world

3. Flourescent colors make me happy

4. My pet peeve is littering

5. I'm most proud of my children, Nicole and Ben

6. I can speak French and (some) Spanish

7. Rice krispy treats are near impossible for me to resist

8. Bossa Nova is my favorite music, but I love all types.

9. I call my grandchildren my heart medicine

10. Painting is my other passion:

11.I am certified in nutrition and lifestyle counseling

12. I have my Masters in Psychology

13. I believe life happens FOR you, not to you - yes even the "bad" stuff.



Danielle Dufayet, born in Yonkers, New York, now lives in sunny San Jose, California, where she writes children’s books and paints. She also teaches English and Public Speaking (Self-Empowerment) to grades K-12. Danielle read her first picture book (Little Raccoon and the Thing in the Pool) when she was 18 whereupon she was blown away by its simplicity, timelessness and transformative power. That’s when she knew it was her calling. Thirty five years and a Master’s Degree later, she finally made her dream come true and she’ll have TWO books out in 2019 - one about inner strength and the other about self-love/compassion.

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