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You Are Your Strong

Why I wrote YOU ARE YOUR STRONG: I want kids to know that all it takes is one role model to inspire them to tap into their own strength. And if they ever find themselves without someone to depend on or look up to, they can still tap into their own calm, peace and happiness. Sometimes a child’s blanky will be her strong; sometimes it will be his long hair (see the excellent movie, ROOM)–anything that helps him feel more secure and confident; anything that helps him calm down and feel OK again.

Children first and foremost need to know and feel how much they are loved and valued. They also need to know they are strong and resilient. We want our children to grow up feeling competent and self-reliant because, ultimately, they can really only depend on themselves. Their parents, or other strong figures, won’t always be around and won't be around forever.

Feeling self-empowered is so important to not only surviving, but to thriving. Feeling powerless is a horrible feeling and can affect every area of your life, especially your self-esteem. Knowing we all have our own inner strength (even if we don’t feel it) is the first step in gaining a sense of power and, luckily, there are many tools to help us. What's your strong?

You are Your Strong.

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